DryTrack® BDK 

System Features

  • DryTrack® displays the real moisture content from each measuring station and an average for the whole batch kiln drying application
  • The readings are taken from a large sample of lumber; typically 130 to 400 boards, per measurement station 
  • With 8 total measuring stations, up to 1600 boards are sampled per charge in batch kilns 
  • DryTrack® can be linked to any batch kiln PLC based control system to provide manual or automatic shutdown


DryTrack® meter cards are installed in aluminum NEMA 4 enclosures on the outside of the kiln walls close to each measuring point to limit the influence of electrical interference between the lumber and the card, as well as to keep down the cost of field wiring. 

The enclosures and meter cards are kept cool and dry by a low-pressure air system which maintains a positive pressure inside the meter box.  This provides an environment which ensures a long life for the measuring cards and enables us to offer a 3-year warranty, the longest in the industry.


The wiring between the wall fitting and insulated rails is made using bare stainless-steel wire.  The connections between the insulated rails and the measuring plates in the lumber stacks are made using a short bare stainless-steel wire with clips at each end. This allows for the wiring between the rails and wall fittings to be easily repaired if damaged; the wire clips can be easily stored when the kiln is being emptied, thus eliminating trip hazards; the clips easily release if struck by falling boards and if not unclipped when the charge is changed.


  • Minimizes lumber degrade caused by over-drying which results in a 2-6% improvement in grade of recovery
  • Due to the elimination of over-drying, VOC emissions normally exhausted while over-drying the lumber are avoided
  • Significant increases in production can be achieved as over drying and its related losses will be eliminated
  • Tightens up your overall MC bell curve improving charge-to-charge standard deviation
  • Hot checks and kiln restarts will be virtually eliminated, increasing safety for the operators in batch kiln systems
  • Shorter drying times = more kiln throughput
  • Less planer loss due to over dry lumber
  • Less shrinkage and severe warpage
  • Less trim losses
  • Improvements in grade recovery and production provide fast ROI, measured in months rather than years
  • Eliminates variations in decision making among multiple kiln operators
  • Indicates trouble spots to prevent batch kilns from getting out of balance
  • Improves relations between all personnel due to consistently well-dried lumber
  • Real moisture contents are measured and displayed enabling easy decisions to be made when necessary
  • DryTrack® is robust and simple to operate

The DryTrack® In-Kiln Moisture Content Measurement System will provide you with many years of trouble-free service.  Our customers are always finding additional benefits and have reported a minimum of 2% to a maximum of 6% improvement in 2 & BTR grades. 

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