Company Profile

Kiln Drying Systems and Components, Inc., D.B.A. as KDS Windsor is a full service Lumber Dry Kiln and Wood Waste Burner Manufacturer. The company’s product lines represent the leading edge technology, highest quality and most ruggedly built drying systems for both the Hardwood and Southern Pine markets, as well as the leading technology in wood burning systems for high temp. direct fired kilns.

KDS was formed in 1992 by Rob Girardi, current president and vice president Charles Moniotte. A graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst in Wood Science and Technology, Rob has been involved professionally in the kiln industry for over 37 years. With Charles’ financial background as a CPA and CFO of companies in several industrial companies, KDS has grown continuously through several expansions to become the leader in lumber drying and wood burner technology.

KDS first opened its doors as a provider of kiln replacement parts, control systems and service work. By 1994 the company was beginning to fabricate and install larger kiln rework projects and by 1997 was fabricating complete drying systems.

In 1999, KDS expanded operation into a 22,000 S.F. manufacturing facility in Etowah, NC, and increased product lines to include High Temperature Southern Pine Drying Systems, including steam and direct fired kilns and an extremely clean burning green sawdust burner system, as well as All Aluminum Hardwood kilns.

Upon the introduction of the Andy Pollard continuous lumber dry kiln, KDS teamed with Windsor engineering and began the design and production of CDK’s (Continuous Drying Kilns) now, as KDS Windsor, the company produces the leading edge technology in lumber drying having a combined total of over 30 CDK’s throughout the world, using direct fired green sawdust, savings burner and natural gas heat plants as well as steam heated, high temp. hot water systems and hot oil indirect heated drying facilities.