In-Kiln Moisture Measurement Systems

  • The DryTrack system has proven itself to be the leader in softwood lumber moisture measurement & control.
  • DryTrack is a robust, simple to use, very accurate, and repeatable capacitance-based, moisture content measuring and monitoring system for lumber drying kilns. It takes the “guess work” out of determining when your lumber is dry and when the kiln should be shutdown, providing consistency from charge to charge, no matter which operator is running the kiln.
  • As a standalone system which can be used on any kiln, no matter what controls system is in place, DryTrack can provide the data needed for a manual shutdown by the operator.
  • DryTrack can be linked to almost any kiln control system to provide automatic shutdown assuring accurate and consistent moisture content results.
  • DryTrack eliminates the need for kiln shutdowns and re-starts for M.C. checks, tightens up overall M.C. STD. deviations over time and produces more lumber with less wets and over dry material. It can increase 2 & BTR Results by 2 to 3% and its R.O.I. is normally figured in months rather than years. Not over drying means less downgrade and less planer downtime due to jams.