Green Sawdust Gasification Burner Systems

Clean, dry lumber is the final measuring stick for any direct fired waste fuel (sawdust) system. That is exactly what the KDS green sawdust fueled burner produces.

35mm Btu/Hour Green Sawdust Burner with Heat Recirculation System

  • High performance and clean burning KDS green sawdust burner systems sized for each application provide fast drying times along with clean high quality lumber.
  • Heavy duty designs provide tight control and long term service.
  • KDS modifications have allowed for operation at up to 56% fuel moisture content.
  • Factory formed and cured bridge wall separates the sawdust section from the rear of the burner wall greatly increasing combustion volume in the base section. This additional volume provides longer gas retention time and provides cleaner hot gasses exiting the base chamber and entering the kiln recirculation air system.
  • Our latest design incorporates a dual stack design for quick restarts while still incorporating all of our previous failsafe safety designs.
  • Full PLC control of all aspects of the combustion system provides safe, reliable operation even down to the automatic side door opening control.