EBS Dry Shavings Burners w/ Vortex Technology

  • The EBS dry shavings burner has been the standard burner for more than two decades in the S.Y.P. drying industry. It still leads the way in performance, fuel efficiency, safety and reliability.
  • The EBS Dry Shavings Burner features a horizontal cylindrical combustion chamber. Tuyeres are located tangentially along the inner cylinder to meter the two stage pre-heated combustion air supplied by a combustion air blower into the burner. The wood fuel is ignited by means of a gas pilot system which shuts off once the fuel is ignited and the refractory temperature is sufficient for continuing the wood ignition process.
  • Latest technology advancement in the EBS System is the addition of the Vortex chamber is a vertical refractory lined cylindrical chamber much larger than the EBS standard retention chamber. The chamber features tangential tuyeres supplying pre-heated swirl combustion air to maintain the refractory temperature required for the complete combustion of hydrocarbons that may be emitted from the wood burner. Once the gases exiting the wood burner loose velocity at the choked burner discharge, the vertical chamber allows the heavier ash particles to drop out while the controlled high temperature of the refractory flashes off any combustibles that may be entrained in the discharge gases.
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